Board Chair Message

A message from Kelly Garceau, ESSAE Chair of the Board (2018)

I have to say that I'm excited to be standing here before you as Chair of one of the best associations that I've ever had the pleasure of being involved with.

When I became a member of ESSAE, I didn't anticipate serving in any capacity, let alone Chair!  I began serving on the ESSAE Board back in 2013.  I figured I could give some of my time for a couple of years and then go on my merry way, continuing to enjoy the benefits of being a member, but just a member.  What I didn't count on was the passion that would build inside of me to continue that service!  That passion translated into a desire to see ESSAE thrive, not just survive.  And I'm now witnessing that desire become reality. 

This is definitely a good time to be Chair of ESSAE!  We have committees that are active and energized, we're gearing up for our second annual Advocacy Day at the Capitol on May 8, we have professional development opportunities specific to the roles we serve in, in both associations and the hospitality industry, events have been profitable with increased attendance, and, without question, a staff that does the work of many, but only numbers two.  I am truly fortunate to be stepping into this role as ESSAE reaches these milestones. 

To keep building on this momentum, the Board will get together for a full-day Strategic Planning Retreat in early March. We will have the opportunity to set clear goals and objectives to keep moving us in the right direction.  I'm really looking forward to seeing where we're headed!

Membership is strong and steadily increasing.  We currently have 471 members, with 14 of those members signing up just since the New Year!   That breaks down into 226 association members, 206 Industry Partner members, 32 CVB members and 7 affiliate members.  Let's keep that number growing!

And now, I'd like thank a few people that have been and continue to be supportive.  First, of course, is my husband, Joe.  Thank you for your love and support of my dreams and aspirations.  You are my heart.

Thank you Kathy Febraio, Debbie Trulli-Casalle and Tom Cote for your guidance, mentorship, and leadership over the past three years as I've prepared for this role in ESSAE.  You've made my transition from member to officer smoother, easier and definitely more fun than it could have been. 

Thank you Vanessa and Rebecca for all that you do.  Your hard work and dedication to the association does not go unnoticed. 

And, most of all, thank you, the members, for your support, belief and dedication to ESSAE.  I'm looking forward to serving as Chair of our association.

Kelly Garceau
Executive Director
New York Physical Therapy Association
[email protected]